Chamisa’s ‘key to the economy’ unlocking his party’s 2023 defeat

by Own Correspondent

I am not a prophet, neither do I belong to any cult that purport to know what the future holds – but the most perceptive of us must have noted that the end of the presidential election race triggered another contest between the ruling revolutionary party Zanu PF led by His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa on one side and the opposition MDC-T faction led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa on the other side – proving each other wrong.

During the July 30 2018 electioneering period Chamisa tried to convince the Zimbabwean electorate that he could deliver a better future, armed with a plagiarized manifesto laden with out of this world promises such as homestead airports and truckloads of foreign currency waiting at the country’s borders – that did not work. On the other hand Zanu PF had an internally made manifesto aimed at delivering a middle income economy by 2030, while safeguarding the gains of the country’s independence – and it was deemed plausible by the electorate.

Fast forward to present day, Chamisa is saying he has the key to the economy hence Zanu PF will not succeed in delivering a Zimbabwe the citizens want. On the other hand, Zanu PF has started making noticeable inroads in one of the drivers of its 2030 vision – Transport.

During electioneering Zanu PF promised to rehabilitate all roads, rail system and modernize border posts. To date a significant number of roads have been resurfaced, graveled or tarred – while the envisaged $10 million recapitalization of Fort Concrete (an indigenous rail sleeper manufacturer) in a joint venture deal between Aveng Infraset of South Africa and the Diaspora Infrastructure Development Group (DIDG), will speed up the revival of the National Railways of Zimbabwe and create thousands of jobs given the company’s inter-linkages with other critical sectors of the economy. President Mnangagwa’s administration has also managed to close deals that resulted in the ongoing expansion of the Robert Gabriel Mugabe international airport and the Beitbridge border post.

As the situation stands President Mnangagwa is living up to his promises. Which brings us to Chamisa’s secret weapon – the key to the economy? Will it see Chamisa turning the tables on the country’s new leader (affectionately known as ED) as far as proving a better future for Zimbabweans is concerned? When will the weapon released? And what is it? – Yes what is this key to the economy?

Chamisa’s lieutenant and leader of a faction of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Mr Tendai Biti, who is on record gloating that the opposition was responsible for starving the nation of the much needed foreign currency is the one who revealed that Chamisa had the key to the country’s economy. He too did not explain what the key was. However drawing from Biti’s earlier declaration that the opposition called for sanctions on the country – the key can only be the power to call off the said sanctions.

Will withholding the ‘key’ make a difference?

Not really.

President Mnangagwa is no record saying that sanctions, illegally imposed on Zimbabwe by the Western in early 2000 after the country embarked on land reform to redistribute land to the majority blacks, will not deter his administration which is focusing its energy on reviving the economy.

The retooling, modernization and export orientation of the manufacturing sector as promised in Zanu PF’s 2030 vision, coupled with  value addition has the potential to earn the country the much needed foreign currency. Taking into consideration an avalanche of potential investors that expressed interest in Zimbabwe during president Mnangagwa’s recent visit to China – earning foreign currency from locally manufactured goods might not be far off.

As for Chamisa, his key will only save to reveal his true character – a leader who is willing to sacrifice the whole country so that he can get a chance to lead Zimbabwe. The more President Mnangagwa revive the economy the more Chamisa and the sanctions become irrelevant. More youths will be employed eating into Chamisa’s picketers. Come 2023, every Zimbabwean will be aware that Chamisa was in opposition of the country’s progress.