By Derick Tsimba

In face of the challenges being faced by the country, Government is determined to turnaround the economy through robust economic interventions that should see the economic activities in the country returning back to normal.

By Chido Chikuni

Since the coming in of President Emmerson Mnangagwa as the Head of State and Government, it’s impressive that a number of national building projects and programmes are being implemented as a way of reviving the country’s economy that has been ailing for close to two decades.

By Mapozho Saruchera

The media has lately been awash with reports to the effect that dialogue between the ruling Zanu PF Party and opposition MDC would solve the economic downturn bedeviling Zimbabwe. Proponents of the above school of thought maintain that MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa’s initial refusal to recognize President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory allegedly triggered a serious legitimacy issues which had a contagion effect on the economy.

By Nobleman Runyanga

On 5 December last year, President Emmerson Mnangagwa launched the National Cleanup Campaign which, going forward, will see Zimbabweans cleaning up their towns, cities, growth points shopping centres and homes among other places every first Friday of every month from 0800 to 1000 hours. The initiative has received so much buy-in from different stakeholders including local authorities, Government ministries, churches and private companies that it has been a success.

By Elijah Chihota

On 21 December 2001 as the sun was directly overhead of the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere during the December Solstice, President George W Bush of the United States of America sealed the  Southern African teapot-shaped country, Zimbabwe’s fate when he signed the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001(ZIDERA) into law.

By Rudo Saungweme

Government detractors have upped their tempo of an alleged “Zimbabwean crisis” in a bid to arm-twist the Zanu PF government to the negotiating with Nelson Chamisa after all else has failed.

by Jasper Hloka

It was on the eve of 22 December 2018, when a woman in her early forties arrived at a local (Harare) hospital in the company of her husband who was visibly ailing and desperate for medical attention. Two other gentlemen who were accompanying her rushed to the situation room and returned with a doctor. All seemed to be going on well, until the time to discuss the way forward, of course punctuated by dollar signs.

by Nobleman Runyanga

The ongoing labour withdrawal by over 500 junior doctors, which has endured for a month now, has provided the ideas-bankrupt opposition with cheap fodder to criticize Government over the matter. What the opposition has managed to do is bring out celebration drums to revel in the situation which, it believes, “fixes” ZANU PF and Government without sparing a thought for the affected patients or offering meaningful ideas to resolve the impasse.

By Elijah Chihota

The turn of the 21st century was not good for Zimbabwe as the country was slapped with illegal sanctions by the west which led to the closure of many industries. Despite going for nearly two decades with no meaningful capital investments coming our way, Zimbabwe did not go down owing to the resilience of its citizens.