Chin’ono left with an egg on the face

Staff Reporter Patati Patata surpass two million views

Journalist and political activist Hopewell Chin’ono was left with an egg on the face when his attempts to discredit award-winning artist Roki and Koffi Olomide’s new song, Patati Patata, was largely ignored by Zimbabweans.

Chin’ono was furious with the song because the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Rhumba artist, Olomide, had chanted that “Zimbabwe, E.D Mnangagwa Number One” and tweeted that Zimbabweans should not listen to the song as it had political connotations.

However, Chin’ono who had falsely predicted that the song was going to be a monumental flop as it had mentioned President Mnangagwa’s name, was left with an ashamed face as the song had already surpassed over two million Youtube views in less than 72 hours. The song had also gained airplay on international television channels such as Trace TV and Channel O.

Ironically, self-exiled G40 kingpin and Government critic, former Cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo, openly disagreed with Chin’ono and said people who were attacking Roki’s song need moral compass.

“And I disagree with you @daddyhope (Chin’ono) on this one. Olomide and Rayvany aside, I am with Roki, a Zimbabwean artist whose artistic and livelihood interests matter.

“If anyone is offended by the insipid Koffi Olomide lyric. ‘E.D Mnangagwa, Number One’, which he chants once in his ‘Patati Patata’ collabo with Roki and Tanzania’s Rayvany, then they need a moral compass. The chant is dump but not offensive. Give Roki a break, he deserves it,” tweeted Prof Moyo.

Some netizens yesterday implored Chin’ono to stop attacking every Zimbabwean success story just to please his masters and instead market the country’s successes and achievements to the international community.

Roki’s song was released two days ago and has become an instant hit, despite attempts by some critics to discredit it.