Roki and Kofi’s song giving MDC-A sleepless nights

Staff Reporter

Rockford Josphat popularly known as “Roki” in the music circles, recorded a song with the Rhumba star, Kofi Olomide from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Tanzanian BET award winner, Rayvany, under the Passion Java Records and the song has received over two million views on YouTube, something that is giving the MDC-A members sleepless nights.

Social media was awash with opposition elements attacking and making noise on why Olomide had chanted the phrase, “E.D Mnangagwa Number One” in the song. That phrase did not go down well with the opposition and they insinuated that Roki had dug a grave for his music career.

In one MDC Alliance Youths WhatsApp group, the youths such as Obey Sithole, Gift Siziba and Cecilia Chimbiri, were blaming themselves for making the video more popular by attacking it on social media.

One person wrote, “Anyway I slept at 1 am, it was on 1 million, woke up at 6am and a million ghosts had watched.”

Another group member responded, “Wanga uchitonochecker progress. (You were checking progress).”

 The conversation goes on to highlight the extent to which the video is trending as they try to figure out why it is trending.

“I saw more than 50 of my contacts had it on their statuses. Multiply that by their own 50 contacts, then the contacts of their contacts and so on. For the majority of those outside Zimbabwe, curiosity was awaken by the traffic of insults that went Koffi way.”

Siziba went on to ask why the video was trending and someone responded by saying the MDC Alliance had popularised the song by attacking it.

 “Over two million people have viewed the Roki and Kofi video on YouTube in less than 48 hours. Is it because it is a very good song or we indirectly campaigned for the popularisation of the song?” asked Siziba.

 “Hanti we did a very good job in marketing it. We actually sent it trending because munhu wese aida kunzwa kuti paimboimbwa kutii. Dai takangovatarisa sezvatinoita Chief Hwenje Shumba takagonesa. (We made it trend because everyone wanted to hear what was in the song. We should have just kept quiet and ignored just as we do with Chief Shumba Hwenje’s songs). Sad to think our own Paul Madzore released something a few weeks back and we did not do justice to make it trend as we did pamukomana wendombolo uyo nekamface Roki(As we did with Roki and Kofi),” someone replied.

In less than a week, the video has surpassed three million Youtube views, an indication that the MDC Alliance and its supporters have failed to incite Zimbabweans to turn against the song.

President Mnangagwa is on record urging for the promotion of the youth and their talents and that is exactly what Passion Java is doing, under his record label.