Tommy Hilfiger in Zimbabwe

Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe continues to attract influential people from around the world with the latest being Tommy Hilfiger brand label designer, Mr Thomas Jacob Hilfiger, who arrived in the country to celebrate his 71st birthday.

Hilfiger who is turning 71 on 24 March 2022, jetted in the country with an entourage that comprised of his four daughters, two sons, a son-in-law and a family friend, Maureen Bitinaitis.

The famous label designer is expected to spend seven days in the country, while holidaying at Singita Pamushana Lodge in Malilangwe Reserve area, Chiredzi.

A tourism expert who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymity said the visit to the country by Hilfiger and his family is an endorsement to the country’s tourist destinations, the country’s leadership as well as an appreciation to the political stability currently being witnessed in the country.

“We are happy that Mr Hilfiger chose to celebrate his 71st birthday in Zimbabwe. His visit is a testimony that the country’s tourist destinations are safe to host famous people. It shows that there is political stability as well as good leadership in the country because people like Hilfiger would not visit a chaotic nation,” said the tourism expert.

He said he hoped that Hilfiger’s visit would help project Zimbabwe positively on the international arena.

“Mr Hilfiger’s visit would surely shed a positive light on the country. There are some people who think that Zimbabwe is a jungle but we hope that Hilfiger’s visit would dispel all misconceptions about the country. After Mr Hilfiger’s visit, we expect other celebrities to jet into the country and feel Zimbabwe’s hospitality,” added the tourism expert.

Other prominent people who have visited and endorsed the country’s tourist destinations in recent years include WWE wrestler Shawn Michaels, movie star and former US California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, RnB singer Joe Thomas and Hollywood actor Will Smith.