MDC legislators are confused

The MDC-T Chamisa faction legislators should know that they can't have their cake and eat it too. They cannot please their seatless leader,  Nelson Chamisa by disrespecting and refusing to recognise President Mnangagwa and simultaneously claim to represent their constituents by asking ministers some questions to create a semblance of earning their salaries and allowances.

They are a conflicted lot, torn between serving Chamisa and his narrow-minded politics of sabotage and being legislators under ED in order to earn Parly perks such as motor vehicles. Wasted votes, their constituents should know.

The legislators need to grow up, wake up and smell the political coffee of a ZANU PF victory and move on. Democracy is not about winning every election but enhancing the way leaders are chosen. It is not about political individuals but nations.


From Nobleman Runyanga via Email