Minister of Finance Prof. Mthuli Ncube marketing Zimbabwe to global stage.

Excellent articulation. You can tell that this is someone who knows what he is doing. I think with political will, Zim will recover! - Archibald Gandah via Facebook.

I can smell a future Zimbabwe on this man. - Brian Tapfumaneyi via Facebook.

Weldone minister you are on the right track Rome was not built in one day - Bernard Dube via Facebook.

The guy is a genius, we need more ministers like him. I hope he will be given freedom to operate. Lastly as Zimbabweans I think it's high time we become positive about our country. Being negative at this stage won't help us in the short term or long term. No one will ever feel sorry for us and come to do things for us no matter how much noise we make. - Silas Madondo via Facebook.

We're so fortunate to have a Finance Minister of your brilliance Mazila Nkata I'm very happy with your facts and figures keep up with the good work sir! - Mbeke MK Khumalo via Facebook.

You have represented Zimbabwe very well at the highest level, perceptions will definitely change for the better. - John Bhanzi via Facebook.

God bless our leaders in Zimbabwe for a better future for Zimbabweans. - Mackenzie Mhango