National Security takes precedence

Dear Editor

Regards the internet shut down, the average citizen ought to appreciate that national security concerns issues of bread and butter for every citizen, the weak and the powerful. I would give a simple example understood by any commoner. If it is reported that an organised group of people are hatching a plan to blow the Kariba Dam wall, the following will be the consequences:

  • Communities living downstream of the Kariba Dam will be marooned, washed away and deposited in the Indian Ocean;
  • Properties, infrastructure and livestock will be destroyed;
  • Wildlife will be washed into the Indian Ocean;
  • Fisheries on the lake will be destroyed;
  • The tourism dividend to Zambia and Zimbabwe will be decimated;
  • Jobs dependant on the mammoth water body will be destroyed;
  • Marine life in the water body will be destroyed;
  • Zimbabwe and Zambian industries powered by the Kariba power station will be grounded to a halt as water escapes away;
  • The power station’s equipment will be destroyed and washed away;
  • Business establishments downstream will be destroyed;
  • The national energy bill will hike, requiring foreign currency to import electricity;
  • Zimbabwe will lose its international prestige as holders of the biggest manmade water body;

If discovered that the gang planning this was using the internet to communicate and execute their plan, would weaning them from the Internet considered disfavour to the nation? Food for thought.

- Tawanda Musariri via Email