Mugabe a bitter and lost soul

Cde RG Mugabe addressed the media today and gave his "independent" views. I suspect that he was not speaking but on behalf of Dr Grace. That notwithstanding, what came from his mouth were all lies reminiscent of a bitter and lost soul. He uttered too many lies namely:

  1. That he founded ZANU-PF. He did not but he was invited.
  2. That he invited President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa to the liberation struggle. That is false, Mnangagwa and Mugabe met in jail when the former was serving as a convict after derailing a train in Masvingo whilst the later was an unconvicted prisoner (detainee).
  3. That Mugabe was chosen by the people when we all know that he got power via a coup known as Mugagao declaration.
  4. That President Mnangagwa refused to be democratically elected when we all know that the President was constitutionally coronated as Mugabe's successor after the latter resigned on the verge of an impeachment process done whilst President was on exile.
  5. That politics leads the gun when we all know that he was voted out many years ago and refused by thwarting dissent through a series of assassinations and long line of stage managed accidents, Mujuru, and President Mnangagwa having been the last in his wish list
  6. That he is senior in the revolution when we all know that Chairman Hebert Chitepo, Edgar Tekere, Ndabaningi Sithole and others were the real war souls before him and he jettisoned them en mass.
  7. That he served the longest in jail when we know that Morris Nyagumbo did by serving 22 years in jail and was accused of corruption involving a cresider worth 500 dollars then and yet he was lying whilst covered in a house worth 500 million today.

      8.That he never met Nelson Chamisa and yet 50 pictures of him with Wamba dia wamba are all over the internet.

  1. That he was honest when Zimbabwe collapsed in his big spectacled sight.
  2. That he wanted President Mnangagwa and Dr Sydney Sekeramai to contest in December 2017 when we all know that he had fired the former from both party and government and the President  was in exile. Who told him that he must choose leaders for Zimbabwe. If Sekeremayi had succeeded him, does that mean all the 23 candidates on the ballot were going to be disqualified. - Chris Mutangadura