Zim exports anti sanctions fight to SADC

By Rungano Dzikira

As Zimbabwe ups the push for the removal of illegal sanctions by the United States of America, President Emmerson Mnangagwa revels in the immediate success of harnessing the regional voice to call for the immediate, unconditional removal of sanctions.

In an address to mark the first anniversary of SADC Anti-Sanctions Day, President Mnangagwa expressed his gratitude for such a bold move from the regional body.

“This bold decision and show of solidarity is a reflection of the principled revolutionary character of our regional body which has consistently opposed injustices and oppression.

“We are also appreciative of the many more voices calling for the unconditional removal of these illegal sanctions. This posture by SADC is indeed in line with our mantra, ‘An injury to one is an injury to all,’ he said.

Turning to the impact that sanctions have had on the economy and the nation at large, the President said sanctions were a weapon of mass destruction being deceitfully masked to the world as smart, targeted embargos to politicians.

“Sanctions are a blunt cohesive instrument with far reaching implications on the ordinary people especially women, children, youths, the elderly, people with disabilities and those suffering from chronical illnesses.

“Sanctions by the US Government have constrained the much needed development of our country for nearly 20 years. Due to the sanctions, Zimbabwe has had limited access to multi-lateral and financial support from the international financial institutions.”

Furthermore, President Mnangagwa said sanctions have limited Zimbabwe’s capacity to respond to the COVID 19 pandemic, however we are grateful to those nations and organisations who have stood by us and supported us in fighting the pandemic.”

This years’ Anti-Sanctions Day was held under the theme, ‘Resilience, solidarity and progress in a sanctions environment.’ This theme, he said, was appropriate as it speaks to the difficult road Zimbabwe has travelled as an independent and sovereign nation.

Apart from regional calls for sanctions removal, the President also grabbed the opportunity to acknowledge the role played by the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation in defending Zimbabwe’s sovereignty.

President Mnangagwa further acknowledged and commended the European Union for taking some positive steps towards normalising relations with Zimbabwe, and urged the US and UK to reciprocate the hand of peace and friendship that Zimbabwe extended.