GMB wheat producer price attracts farmers

By Rudo Saungweme

The increase in wheat producer price complements Command Agriculture Programme as more farmers will venture into the growing of the cash crop.

GMB has increased the wheat producer price from $500 to $650 per tonne. The selling price was also reviewed from $310 to $450 per tonne as part of efforts to contain the fiscal deficit arising from the increase in the producer price of wheat.

This development is in line with Government`s Import Substitution Industrialisation thrust, aimed at promoting production of local commodities. 

In an interview with Harare Post, a wheat farmer from Mashonaland West identified herself as Mrs Makedenge said, “Government has been very supportive in providing the funds for farmers` payment. We are happy as farmers about the increase in the producer price. This is an incentive on its own.

“I can see more new growers of wheat in this coming winter cropping season. We really thank our Government for their continued efforts in supporting agriculture. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. It only needs commitment.”

Tawanda Soko who is a tobacco farmer in Mashonaland West said that he wanted to join wheat farming this coming winter cropping.

 “I have been growing tobacco for the past ten years, but this winter season, I will begin wheat cropping. The new producer price has attracted many farmers to grow the cash crop. It is not only an advantage to wheat growers but to the nation as a whole,” said Shoko.

“As you know, the wheat produced in this country cannot meet the 4 000 Metric Tonnes required in a year, so the country will end up importing. This development will resolve this shortage. More wheat farmers means more wheat production thereby meeting the demand needed in the country,” he said.

The increase in wheat production will stabilise the price of bread and other confectionaries as it will increase flour supply. Currently the bread retail price is averaging at $1.50 to $2.00.