Farming should be a business-Marapira

Agriculture Reporter

Agriculture should be taken as a business with the potential to uplift people from poverty and provide national food security, a senior Government official has said.

Speaking after the tour of Gwebi College of Agriculture, Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Fisheries and Rural Development, Davis Marapira said that Agricultural Colleges should churn out complete graduates who would actively participate in the development of the country.

“The President has introduced education 5.0 which emphasises on students being equipped with practical skills. Gone are the days when students would leave colleges without the requisite skills needed to develop the country. Students from this institution should be taught to take agriculture as a business with the potential to uplift people from poverty. Training young farmers to turn agriculture into a business is key to eradicating poverty and curbing economic migration,” said Marapira.

Marapira added that Vision 2030 could only be achieved if people, especially those within the agriculture sector, improved production on their farms. He further said the country was blessed with a leadership that valued agriculture and the empowerment of its citizens.

Deputy Minister Marapira further commended Gwebi College for productively utilising its land by planting 50 hectares of wheat.

“I commend you for playing your part as a College to ensure food security in the country. The 50 hectares of wheat you have planted will go a long way in reducing wheat imports in the country. I also commend you for the beef fattening and dairy projects you are doing. It shows that our colleges are putting into practice what they are teaching our children,” added Marapira.

Deputy Minister Marapira urged Agricultural Colleges to produce a ‘self-starter’ graduate who would go on the farm and start producing for the benefit of the country. He expressed pleasure on the numbers of young people who are taking up agriculture as a business.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister Marapira is currently touring Agricultural Colleges to familiarise himself with the institutions under his new portfolio.