‘A tooth for a tooth,’ China warns the US and its allies

Staff reporter

…as tension between the two nations continue to escalate

China has declared that the USA and its allies are unqualified to call themselves human-rights watchdogs as they have caused many suffering, deaths and displacements across the globe.

This was said by China’s Spokesperson and Director of the Foreign Ministry’s Information Department, Hua Chunying while exposing how the USA and its allies have destabilised nations through wars and sanctions, causing gross human rights violations.

“You may still remember how USA used a bag of washing powder and fabricated a video to start the wars with Iraq and Syria, leading to more deaths and displaced civilians.  This is the 10th anniversary of the war with Syria, already more than 350 000 had died or displaced. 

“You don’t think the culprits should be sanctioned?  This is also the 10th anniversary of the Libyan war, started by UK, France and allies, which became the cause of the problematic refugees crisis affecting the surrounding region.

“Right now in Libya, there are 400 000 people being displaced with 1 million needing help and assistance, you don’t think the culprits need to be made accountable? They do not feel bad for such acts; they are now trying to unilaterally sanction others in the name of ‘Human Rights, shattering a nation’s stability and more civilians being displaced.”

Reacting on Twitter, Zimbabweans agreed with China on the USA and its allies’ double standards and lack of human-rights that they purport to represent.

“Surely this is so true.  Whose human rights does the West always talk of?  Watched Canada’s dark past and realised that what these powerful nations have is money and guns, as for morality and human rights they can learn from us not the other way,” said Chirandu che Gono

Expressing disappointment at some opposition leaders and followers who are puppets of the west, Chenjerai Ronnie said, “These are facts but we have fools among us who still think Americans and Europeans are saints.  They tag them in every problem we come across; fools who still don’t believe sanctions are hindering progress.”

China further rubbished and discredited the US and its allies as self-proclaimed human-rights activists, making mention of the millions that have died across the globe due to their meddling.

“History and facts had proved these self-claimed human-rights judges the they are not qualified at all.  We are often puzzled, what good is the ‘rights’ when the human is dead?  They talked so much about Human-Rights, whose rights are they actually fighting for? Are they not ashamed of their reflection on human rights and respect,’ said Chuying.

Flexing its own muscles, China warned the USA and its Allies not to meddle in its affairs as the current China is different from the one from yesteryear. 

“Today’s China is not Iraq, Syria or Libya and definitely not the China of 120 years ago.  The days China can be bullied by a few allied nations with guns and tankers were long gone, the days those culprits can sabotage China with fake news and get away unpunished were long gone too.  Never underestimate the will of the Chinese in defending the pride and rights of China.  A tooth for a tooth, they are shooting at their foot with own stupidity and arrogance,” Chuying concluded.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe, the SADC region and the continental body, the African Union have all agreed that the US/EU sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe are illegal and should be unconditionally removed as they have contributed to the suffering and subsequent deaths of many Zimbabweans.