Ministry of Local Government committed to improve service delivery

by Rudo Saungweme

In a bid to improve service delivery in the country, Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing has conducted a workshop with Provincial and District Administrators so that they will be able to train local authorities on how to run their respective councils.

Speaking during the workshop, Urban Local Authorities Principal Director Erica Jones said, “The Government of Zimbabwe established Provincial councils and local authorities to bring Government closer to the people by giving them access to their leaders and services, to enhance provision of services such as roads, water, waste management, education and health, to facilitate the participation of communities and community based organisations and promote dialogue among them on matters of local interest and to facilitate the equitable allocation of national resources.”

Section 265 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe states that local Government must secure the public welfare and ensure the fair and equitable representation of people within their areas of jurisdiction. The ministry of Local Government expects Councillors to be honest, accountable and transparent in the execution of their duties.

Provincial and District Administrators were also urged to consult their stakeholders for effective service delivery.

In his remarks, Principal Director for Rural, Local Authorities, John Shumba said, “For Councillors to perform their roles effectively, there is need to go through the consultation process. Consultation is the process of gathering information from different sources in order to help with making informed decision in Council. One should never make a decision on behalf of others without seeking their opinion on the matter.”

The need to engage and listen to the people is the subject of the day by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. President Mnangagwa has been referred by many Zimbabweans as a listening President by virtue of listening to people`s grievances and acting on them.