Ndunge to be honoured?

Nobleman Runyanga

The late renowned Chipinge n’anga, Ndunge Makuyana, who died this week, continues to cause tongue wagging among his Ndau people even beyond the grave.

A suggestion to honour him by naming a road after him has sharply divided the people of Chipinge with some agreeing with the idea while others are strongly averse to it.

One Facebook user, who only identified himself as Musharuka Santos, torched a storm when he mooted the idea of honouring Ndunge.

“Hino chamakuvangu wemitombo wakhona haatisiya chidaidakadzapiwo ere kumuremeredzawo ngekududze pato rimwe haro ngezita rakwe (Since the renowned n’anga is gone is it not befitting to honour him by naming a road after him)?

“Pato rine zina rasekuru edu Ndunge rinodiwa eya.Tichabhuya nawo asharukwa kuti pato rinoenda Southdown rizwi  M N Ndunge Road ( Yes, a road carrying his name is necessary. We shall consult the authorities so that the road leading to South Down be named M N Ndunge),” said Bothwell Mushoperi.

Others were of the opinion that if anyone should be honoured, it should include other local heroes in other fields such as politics and economics.

“Tingatoisa anaNdabaningi haiwa n’anga dzisina chadzakaita. Ndunge waiziikanwa ngekurapa ere kana kukambisa antu vechienda koopedza hama dzavo (We would rather honour the late ZANU Ndonga leader, Ndabaningi Sithole than Ndunge. Was he a healer or an evil person who armed people with charms to kill others)? opined Jean Tenson Madiba.

 “Tinosisa kumuremeredza eshe nanaNdabaningi, Moyana weRBZ, vanosise kuiswa mumaroad emutaundi redu. Ndiwona magamba edu eChiNdau (Yes, we should honour him together with the likes of former Reserve Bank [RBZ] Governor, Kombo Moyana as they are our heroes),” said Tinashe Gamira.

Some Chipinge District residents who agreed with honouring Ndunge felt that such honours should also be extended to other famous n’angas in the area who died before him.

“Kana kukanzi kwaneroad rinonzi Ndunge tinonga toda Chinengozi naMuchoroza (If Ndunge is honoured this way then this should be extended to other deceased n’angas such as Chinengozi and Muchoroza),” argued Munashe Dzingire.

Whether or not to honour Ndunge ended up being a battle of faiths as those who believe in Christianity largely disagreed with the proposed honour while traditionalists were largely for it.

This forced bodies such as the Chipinge Town Council to walk a tight rope as it tried to balance acknowledging Ndunge’s role in bringing visitors to the district and appearing not to endorse his trade.

“We have a lot of respect for your work, made famous through the thousands of local, regional and international visitors who thronged our town,” posted Chipinge Town Council on its Facebook page on the day that Ndunge died.

The local authority was, however, very quick to disassociate itself with his work and reputation.

“This message does not ascribe Council's association with Sekuru (Ndunge)'s work. It is an appreciation of his inimitable service to the nation,” read a disclaimer which formed the conclusion of its message.

Neither Chipinge Rural District Council nor Chipinge Town Council has pronounced themselves on the proposed honour.