MDC Alliance begs for congress money

Zivanai Dhewa

MDC Alliance Deputy Treasurer General and Member of the House of Assembly for Kuwadzana East Constituency, Charlton Hwende, is appealing for donations toward MDC Alliance party congress which is due next month.

Hwende posted on his Twitter page, calling for donations and pledges from members and supporters who are already struggling and overburdened by the effects of sanctions the MDC Alliance party called for.

“Our congress fundraising committee is now taking pledges for congress donations.  We are now left with 12 cows, 3000 chickens, two tonnes rice and two tonnes mealie meal among other items,” said Hwende.

A netizen identified as Professor Mutandwa, took a screenshot of an Ecocash receipt, ID MP180826.2057.K03490 of USD$20 he donated to the MDC Alliance, call for ConCourt GoFund Me and sought clarification on how it was spent.

“Where is this money? I pledged it with my heart but I wonder how you spent it,” enquired Prof Mthandwa.

Another netizen identified as Vincent Mpamhadzi, reiterated Prof Mthandwa’s call for accountability on people’s funds, while citing lack of transparency in the MDC Alliance as the reason people will not heed the plea.

“First things first, how much was raised on the ConCourt GoFund  Me?  We demand transparency before we put another money in your bottom pocket,” snapped Mpamhadzi.

Other netizens reminded the MDC Alliance that the money it was begging from the already laden citizens was just a phone call away as alluded by MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa during campaign for the July 30 2018 elections.

Netizen @Shekie4 made reference to the statement by Chamisa, “VaTrump vakabvunza kuti vakomana munodeiko kuti nyika iyende mberi? Tikati USD$15 billion! Kutaura kunoku, the US$15 billion is only a phone call away!”

He further added saying, “I pledge a dollar airtime so that Wamba can speak with Trump, maybe that’s the only barrier between the money you guys need and the US$15billion.”

Meanwhile, the MDC Alliance has been riddled with debts that range from failure to pay its workers and to service its debts.  Donations that have been contributed by members have not been accounted for, raising fears that the top leadership are on fundraising spree to maintain their flashy lifestyles under the guise of supporting party business as is the case now.