President Mnangagwa meets senior doctors at State House

Rudo Saungweme

President Emmerson Mnangagwa held a meeting with Doctors today at State House following an arrangement by First Lady and Ambassador for Health, Auxillia Mnangagwa.

Doctor Faith Muchemwa speaking at State House said that the First Lady had arranged for the meeting because she is concerned with the work of the public tertiary institution and the general health of patients.

“The First Lady is the one who has arranged this meeting for us to meet with the President just because she is concerned with our work as a public tertiary institution and she cares for the health of the population,” said Doctor Muchemwa.

Doctor Muchemwa also said that most of the medical essentials required are on their way and some of the broken equipment had already been bought by Government.

“Most of the things that we are requiring are on their way, mainly the medicine. Some of the equipment that has broken down has already been bought,” she said.

The First Lady is on record of assisting the needy and the patients in hospitals. She is the brainchild of Angel of Hope Foundation, a philanthropic organisation.

Last month the First Lady was appointed as the Ambassador for Child and Maternal Health by the Ministry of Health and Child Care following the First Lady’s efforts to promote access to health for women and children.