Minister chucks MDC Councillors from City Parking Board

Shongedzai Mugwagwa

Local Government Minister, Honourable July Moyo has written to the City Parking Board members ordering the drop of three MDC Councillors as Board Members, the Harare Post can exclusively report.

The Minister expressed concern over the collusion by the Councillors as Board Members in as far as the issue of conflict of interest.

Minister July Moyo said that conflict of interest affects ethics by distorting decision making and generating consequences that can undermine the credibility of boards, organizations or even entire economic systems.

The issue of conflict of interest real danger lies in the extent to which boards and directors are unaware of the many subtle conflicts of interest that they are dealing with.

According to the report, Moyo wrote a letter to the board members advising them of the decision which he reached after consultation with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and in accordance to local governance policies.

“Following due consultations with His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, it has been agreed that the three Board of Directors for City Parking (Pvt) Ltd be dropped. This has been necessitated by the issue of fear for  conflict of interest as the three members (Councillors) cannot according to Local Governance Act sit on the Board of the company which they have direct collision with their day to day operations through other fronts.” 

In the report, Minister Moyo said that the board should look into all human resources related issues including qualifications of executive management in order to engender professionalism in the organization. He pointed out that of the three neither one of them was qualified to be in the Board.

City Parking has been marred by a lot of confusion as to final destination of their revenue which they collect on a daily basis.

Source inside revealed to this publication that on a daily basis, the company collects an average of $25 000 in parking fees daily.

There are growing concerns over the use of the collected revenue as there is no clear development in the parking system of the CBD.

There are allegations accusing the company of clandestinely channelling some funds to the Harvest House to fund its operations.