Media mogul praises ED

Dorcas Rumano

Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) Chief Executive Officer, Trevor Ncube has come out open praising President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his new dispensation for the sound economic recovery policies.

Posting on his official twitter handle, Ncube tweeted that, “Dear Zimbabwe, long before I got into PAC (Presidential Advisory Committee), I met ED at least twice, was convinced he was man for the season.The more I have interacted with the guy the more I have realised just how my intuition/gut feel was correct. He means to leave a positive legacy. Thank me later.”

In the previous dispensation led by former President, Robert Mugabe, Ncube was known for being anti–Government. This was probably due to the unfavourable policies that were being implemented during that period. Some of the policies such as AIPPA, had a negative impact on most media businesses including Ncube’s newspaper business. 

To show that he was against Mugabe regime Ncube once posted on his twitter handle that, “Robert Mugabe imprisoned me. Took away my citizenship. Look who is still standing. I follow my convictions. Not fear of imprisonment. Not crowds. Not intimidation. But my inner spirit.”

However, the policy reforms currently underway are enhancing most business operations in Zimbabwe. President Mnangagwa has been meeting with a number of various organisations in efforts to restore economic and political order in the country. Already, the President has met with the business community, political parties under (POLAD), and foreign journalists among others who also have strong hopes in his policies.

Another business guru and Econet Wireless founder, Strive Masiyiwa once highlighted that President Mnangagwa is sincere in tackling Zimbabwe’s economic challenges. Since he assumed office, President Mnangagwa has been working tirelessly to improve the living standards of citizens through policy reforms.