ED charms Africa

Jasper Hloka in Mozambique

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has charmed Heads of States and businesses in Africa by rallying the continent to unite and make a statement to the international community that it is a recognisable economic force.

The call by President Mnangagwa was made at the ongoing 12th Edition of the US-Africa Summit currently underway in Mozambique. The forum is an opportunity for Zimbabwe to engage with the US, international investors and African private sector executives. 

President Mnangagwa stressed that “we don’t need to leave any African economy behind in terms of development, modernisation and industrialisation. If we are together, we can help each other to develop and modernise our economies. He added that as a united front, African economies would thrive and modernise in the manner their trading partners (the west) have done.

“As a bloc, Africa can make a statement that it is strong and that it is an economic force that can be recognised,” said President Mnangagwa. Submissions by President Mnangagwa come at a time his economic policies have begun gaining recognition and the buy-in from his Party, ZANU PF’s traditional enemies.

Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) Chairperson, Trevor Ncube, took to Twitter his appreciation of President Mnangagwa tweeting that “long before I got into Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC) I met ED (President Mnangagwa) at least twice, was convinced he was a man for the season. The more I have interacted with the guy, the more I have realised just how my intuition/ gut feeling was correct. He means to leave a positive legacy.” 

The accolades on President Mnangagwa water down pro-opposition elements and regime change opponents’ efforts to spin the current austerity and economic corrective measures to depict him as failing the nation.