Prof Moyo straining relations between Zim, Kenya

By Christopher Makaza

Self-exiled former Politburo member, Professor Jonathan Moyo is reportedly causing tension between Zimbabwe and Kenya where he is currently hibernating, the Harare Post has learnt.

The matter is said to be the reason why President Emmerson Mnangagwa is yet to visit the East African country as part of his re-engagement drive. President Mnangagwa has been to several African countries except for Kenya on his re-engagement drive to integrate Zimbabwe with the rest of Africa and the world over.

According to a close contact who is based in Kenya, the East African country has been complaining that Prof Moyo`s activities in that country were tainting relations between the two countries.

“Moyo is busy plotting the downfall of President Mnangagwa and his government and the Kenyan government has raised its disquiet over the matter,” said the source who chooses anonymity.

“The Kenyan authorities are said to be contemplating approaching the family of Moyo’s wife, Beatrice Moyo to register its concern and ask for help with locating him for possible deportation,” the source said.

Unconfirmed reports also indicated that Prof Moyo was recently in contact with the extremist group, Al Shabaab’s leadership in East Africa, to solicit for the terrorist outfit to extend its operations to Zimbabwe to help him unseat President Mnangagwa.

Al-Shabab has staged several attacks inside Kenya, including the 2013 attack on Nairobi`s Westgate Mall in which 67 people were killed and the 2015 attack on Garissa University in which 147 people, mostly students, were killed.

The outspoken Moyo who is known for allegedly siphoning over $400 000 from the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (ZIMDEF), has been relentless in his efforts to throw the country into anarchy by giving out State secrets and de-campaigning President Mnangagwa’s initiatives to revive the economy.

Meanwhile reports circulating on the social media reveal that Prof Moyo sexually abused former Pax Afro lead singer, Yulith Ndlovu during his days as patron of the music group.

The allegations circulating on social media claim that Ndlovu has now resorted to drugs and alcohol to suppress the effects of the trauma she went through due to the abuse, ruining her singing career and life in the process.