Jonathan Moyo, wolf in sheep’s clothing

By Claver Nyuki

Information has emerged that self-exiled former Cabinet Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo sexually abused former Pax Afro lead singer, Yulith Ndlovu during Prof Moyo’s days as patron of the music group.

The allegations circulating on social media claim that Ndlovu has now resorted to drugs and alcohol to suppress the trauma she went through at the expense of the abuse, ruining her singing career and life in the process.

Online publication, Zoom Zimbabwe posted the allegations on its Twitter page, “Former Minister and legislator on self-imposed exile @ProfJNMoyo labelled a wolf in sheep's clothing by former Pax Afro lead Vocalist, Yulith Ndlovu who is allegedly claiming that she was sexually abused by him on numerous occasions during the days the Prof was Pax Afro patron.”

Musa Kasamba claimed that, “The once popular lead Pax Afro lead vocalist Yulith Ndlovu has taken to heavy drinking, smoking & clubbing to drown out a suitcase of abuse memories she endured on the hands of @ProfJNMoyo & she said she would rather let sleeping dogs lie than to open old wounds @Melrose_kk.”

Wendy Tadiwa weighed in, “Word has it, Yulith Ndlovu; Pax Afro lead vocalist was sexually abused by @ProfJNMoyo . She is now a waiter at some restaurant in Bulawayo and she says she became a drunkard a few years ago due to psychological trauma.”

Prof Moyo is currently in self-exile in Kenya after countless corruption and misappropriation of funds cases against him came to light following former President Robert Mugabe’s resignation in 2017.