HCC billing system corrupt

By Rudo Saungweme

Residents have called for an urgent address of the glitches in the new billing system by Harare City Council (HCC).

Speaking in an interview with Harare Post today, one of the HCC employees who spoke on condition of anonymity indicated that the anomalies in the new billing system which was adopted from South Africa is corrupt and has proven to be advantageous to the MDC-led council.

“The new billing system which is offered by CCGS of South Africa following the disconnection of the BIQ billing system in March has proven to be very corrupt. The system seems to be of benefit to the MDC-led Council and I do not know the reason why the MDC Mayor, Herbert Gomba is quiet about the system,” said the source.

The source mentioned that the system will pave way for the abuse of revenue by the MDC-led council since the system generates invoices that are not serialized.

“I do not know why the management of HCC is giving a blind eye to the flaws that this system has.

“The CCGS system generates invoices which do not have serial numbers. The system also fails to calculate Value Added Tax (VAT) and to give a proper debt aging analysis as it only shows the use of all debt as 30 days,” revealed the Source.

Analysts have encouraged the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing to direct management of Harare City Council to address the flaws in the CCGS system as part of efforts to curb corruption by the council.