Imperial forces behind xenophobia 

By Sizalubuhle Khumalo

The western imperial forces are adopting new and comprehensive strategies to destabilise and eventually overthrow SADC governments that they do not view as allies amidst suspicions that the same forces could be sponsoring the xenophobic attacks being witnessed in South Africa, a senior ZANU PF official has warned.

This was said by The Hebert Chitepo School of Ideology Principal, Cde Munyaradzi Machacha yesterday in his presentation at the 10th meeting of Former Liberation Movements (FLM) underway in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

“We believe that the hidden hand of external destabilisation forces to divide and rule the region is at play in these xenophobia attacks.

“Our suspicion is based on known historical facts that Apartheid South Africa created or sponsored Inkatha Freedom Party in South Africa, RENAMO in Mozambique and UNITA in Angola so that these proxies would destabilise the liberation struggle or the economic development effort by pitting black against black,” Cde Machacha said.

He added: “In Zimbabwe, the imperialist powers created and are sponsoring the MDC to undermine the ZANU PF Government with a view to effecting regime change.”

“It has become clear that the US financial and technical support for the MDC and the arrogant and violent nature of that party is a reflection of the US desperation in taking a strong foothold in Southern Africa with Zimbabwe as its base.

“To secure its imperialist interest in the Southern Sub region, it needs a proxy MDC in Zimbabwe and other proxies in the sub region.”

Cde Machacha said it was “becoming more and more apparent as imperialism fights to maintain and strengthen a neo colonial or neo liberal socio economic order in Southern Africa as well as the rest of Africa and beyond; as it tries to ward off the threat of competition from other emerging economic blocks over Africa’s resources, it is adopting new and comprehensive strategies to destabilise and eventually overthrow all governments that it does not view as allies or proxies in its fight to continue and expand control and capacity over Africa’s resources and markets.”

Cde Machacha urged SADC to stand united against the ever growing western machinations.

“At regional level, SADC continues to refuse to succumb to western pressure against some of its members   and as it unites more strongly against illegal economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, we see the phenomenon of xenophobia or black to black violence in South Africa escalating,” he said.

Cde Machacha said western destabilisation forces were creating anti-government coalition organisations involving a wide range of socio-economic interest groups “civic organisations as well as business and bribing them to participate in regime change activities with provision for compensation for any profit loses arising from such participation.”

“These activities are carried out by opposition forces with expert technical advice from foreign intelligence operatives and consultants such as CANVAS, funded by imperialist powers through the so called civil society.

“This is why western countries are always quick to criticise the actions of governments whilst describing acts of violence perpetrated by opposition groups as peaceful protests,” said Machacha.