Mahoka attempts to infiltrate ZANU PF exposed

by Bevan Musoko

Attempts by former ZANU PF member, who is now the National Patriotic Front Hurungwe East constituency candidate, Sarah Mahoka to infiltrate ZANU PF have been exposed by the ZANU PF official he attempted to bribe with a motor bike.

According to Police sources at Tengwe Police Station, Mahoka gave a motor bike and two NPF T-shirts to ZANU PF Odonyo District Political Commissar, Tedius Zuze, with a view to clandestinely recruit him for secret NPF activism in the constituency. Unbeknown to Mahoka, Zuze attended a ZANU PF meeting at Tengwe Country Club soon after receiving the “bribe” materials and reported the approach to his ZANU PF superiors. Zuze was advised to surrender the motor bike and the regalia at Tengwe Police Station, which he did.

After sensing that Zuze was uncooperative in her plot, Mahoka made a report at the same Police station claiming that Zuze had stolen the motor bike. Upon questioning by Police, it became clear that Mahoka was lying against Zuze. They dismissed the report against Zuze.

A source at Tengwe Police station told this reporter that “this is a case of a failed political infiltration which Mahoka tried to cover up by making a false report. We are waiting for instructions from our superiors on whether Mahoka should be charged with making a false report to Police.”

Efforts to contact Mahoka on the issue failed as she was not picking her phone.