ZANU PF Leading By Example

by Gift Mashoko

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged ZANU PF supporters to be peaceful during this election period for them to be victorious in the upcoming elections.

Speaking at a star rally at Pelandaba Stadium in Gwanda, the President said for the country to develop there was need for peace in the country.

“We want peaceful election campaigns before, during and after the elections, no violence, we want peace, develop an environment of peace always,” he said

President Mnangagwa highlighted that he had invited a lot of international observers to come and observe the elections.

“International observers from Southern African Development Committee (SADC), European Union (EU), African Union (AU) and other different countries totalling over 46 are coming to observe our elections,” he said  

The President expressed his joy over the peace he sees flourishing in Zimbabwe. He applauded ZANU PF supporters for that peace and said he was sure the party would be victorious in the upcoming elections.

“People of Zimbabwe are politically mature and should show that they are tremendously peaceful. ZANU PF is a symbol of unity and authority,” he said.