MDC-Alliance charging exorbitant prices on regalia

By Paidamoyo Mutsvairo

MDC-Alliance members have raised concerns over the exorbitant prices being charged on party regalia.

The anger manifested at a rally in Shamva South Constituency recently, where one of the alliance principals, Tendai Biti was addressing supporters to drum up support for their presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa.

Apparently, MDC-Alliance regalia which include caps and bantanas are being sold at $15.

In an interview with this publication, one of the alliance supporters in that constituency expressed his worry saying whilst the charges of regalia are too high, other political party supporters are getting their regalia for free.

One Alliance supporter, Mr Walter Berejena said, “I am very disappointed with the way things are being done in the MDC-Alliance. Surely, how can our leaders sell regalia whilst other political parties like Zanu PF are giving their supporters free regalia?”

He added, “The other thing is that we are not happy about the absence of our leader. Why is it that Chamisa failed to come here? The fact that he did not come here yet he has been attending all other rallies means that he doesn’t care about this constituency. To him we are like second class citizens.”

Commenting on the issue of regalia, political analysts said the idea of charging high prices on party regalia by the MDC Alliance is to boost their coffers which are dry as a result of lack of funding by their erstwhile western friends.

Another supporter, who identified herself as Mrs Elina Kuedzwa said the constituency was disappointed about the imposition of the aspiring Member of Parliament, Lovemore Daniels from Multi-Racial Democratic Party. She said Daniels was unpopular in the constituency, unlike the MDC-T provincial chairman, Leman Pwanyiwa.

In his address, Biti said the Alliance would work towards the dualisation of major roads, scrapping of bond notes, implementation of devolution of power and easing cash crisis. Ironically, these are some of the projects that the new dispensation is already siezed with.

The MDC-Alliance leader, Chamisa has been in Israel recently, where it is believed that he was on a begging spree for campaigning funds.