MDC-A external branches mobilise funds for demos

by Innocent Mujeri

The MDC Alliance, through its external branches, is mobilising funds to sponsor acts of violence and civil disobedience in the country following the Supreme Court judgement that rendered Nelson Chamisa, an illegitimate leader of the MDC.

An insider, who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymity, said the MDC Alliance leadership held a five member caucus meeting recently, to chart the way forward following successive court cases loses.

“The leadership recently held a meeting at Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House to reflect on the recent court case which dethroned Advocate (Nelson) Chamisa. It was revealed in the meeting that the party would no longer take the legal route and that demonstrations against the Government would start soon following the monetary donations from the MDC Alliance North America Branch,” said the insider.

According to this insider, the caucus meeting was attended by Nelson Chamisa, Tendai Biti, Charlton Hwende, Job Sikhala and Thabitha Khumalo.

It is reported that in that meeting, Biti suggested that the MDC Alliance must now adopt confrontational politics instead of the legal route since the courts are all “captured” by ZANU PF.

Biti also told the meeting that the MDC Alliance membership was agitating for massive demonstrations to make the country ungovernable. He said it was high time Chamisa provided the needed leadership to bring confidence to the demonstrators.

The same insider revealed that Chamisa told those who were in attendance that plans for demonstrations and mass protests were now underway and would commence anytime soon. Chamisa further revealed that the MDC Alliance North America Branch pledged to raise at least US$250 000 to sponsor the intended demonstrations.

The same contact also told this publication that one David Siampondo was spearheading the fundraising activities in America, under the guise that the donations were to assist in the fight against COVID-19 in Zimbabwe.

However, all the funds are expected to be channelled to MDC Alliance through Charlton Hwende to sponsor demonstrations.

The donated funds are to be used to pay instigators, buy food for demonstrators, pay for transport costs as well as pay legal representation in the event that the demonstrators are arrested.

Some funds would also be reserved for the Vanguard leadership, an MDC militia group, to spur them into the streets.

However, there was some squabbles during the meeting when Sikhala objected that Hwende should not be the custodian of the donated funds as he had a history of abusing funds.

Sikhala reportedly suggested that Biti should manage the funds, a suggestion that was shot down by Chamisa who preferred Hwende.

The MDC Alliance has a history of violence and lawlessness. On 13 May this year, some rogue MDC Alliance youths demonstrated in Warren Park, violating the lockdown regulations in the process.

Currently, the MDC is embroiled in leadership wrangle pitting Chamisa and Thokozani Khupe.The factional fights in that party reached climax yesterday when Chamisa’s membership in the MDC was terminated because of his continuous violation of that party’s constitution.