Students board worried over US embassy involvement in student politics

by Christopher Makaza

Enlightened Students of Zimbabwe (ESZ), a newly formed student body, has raised concern over the United States Embassy Harare's involvement in students’ politics.

During their press conference held recently in the capital, the student body's leader Kumbirai Mutengo said the US Embassy had hijacked the Zimbabwe students activism with a view to causing disharmony in the country.

According to Mutengo, Political Specialist in the US Embassy Charles Mangongera and Media Specialist Sizani Weza are reportedly coordinating students activism at the Embassy’s Students Desk.

Mutengo claimed that students from the opposition backed unions were called at the US Embassy where they were instructed to stage a series of demonstrations with a view to destabilising and make Zimbabwe ungovernable. He revealed that the demonstrators were promised US visas and scholarships like what happened to Dr Peter Magombeyi who facked his abduction.

Former MDC-Alliance member Dr Tapiwa Mashakada once narrated shocking claims concerning the alleged abduction of Dr Magombeyi claiming that it was fake and stage managed to tarnish the image of Zimbabwe for MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa's rpolitical expediency.

Mutengo highlighted that ZINASU leader, Takudzwa Ngadziore is staging all the demonstrations so that he benefits from the US Embassy scholarships revealing that Ngadziore's problem is that he is being controlled by University dropouts like MDC-Alliance's activist Makomborero Haruzivishe.

The US Embassy through its Ambassador Brian Nichols has clandestinely worked with some local churches and media houses as well as openly backing the country’s opposition party the MDC- Alliance via anti Government protests. The Embassy officials once visited the rogue MDC-Alliance Vice Chairperson Job Sikhala at his Chitungwiza home, an eve of the planned demonstrations which speaks a lot about the working relations that the two parties enjoy.

Although Ambassador Nichols masquerades as a diplomat, he is an activist embedded in the MDC-Alliance echelons and trying every trick to strengthen the party and effect regime change in Zimbabwe.