Jonathan Moyo in funds embezzlement storm

by Innocent Mujeri

The estranged G40 kingpin, Professor Jonathan Moyo is reportedly at loggerheads with some donors who are accusing him of embezzling millions of dollars meant to sponsor demonstrations and other regime change activities in Zimbabwe.

Moyo, who is currently in self-exile in Kenya, has been misappropriating funds, received from various donors, including the United States embassy in Harare.

An insider who spoke to this publication said Moyo used little money to sponsor regime change activities in Zimbabwe and used the rest to maintain a flamboyant lifestyle in Kenya.

“Moyo has received millions of dollars from donors meant to sponsor demonstrations in Zimbabwe. However, he has been using the money to pay rentals at his place of residence at Kiambu Estates in Kenya. Moyo has also been using some of the funds to maintain a luxurious life, he used to enjoy during his days in Government,” said the insider.

The same insider confided in this publication that it was not the first time for Moyo to misappropriate funds meant for regime change activities.

“Prior to 2018 harmonised elections, Moyo received at least US$5 million to initiate projects meant to wedge a war in the ZANU PF top brass and cause a rebellion in the country. He allegedly used little money to sponsor soft rebellion on social media and recruited some journalists to spread the anti-government propaganda and converted the rest to his own use,” added the insider.

The embezzlement of donor funds has become prevalent within the civil society, opposition political parties and non-governmental organisations.

Meanwhile, the MDC-Alliance Secretary General, Charlton Hwende is being accused of misappropriating funds that were meant to pay for Job Sikhala’s bail.

Hwende is said to have collected thousands of US dollars from that party’s diaspora supporters. Some of the collected funds were meant to support families of the incarcerated MDC-Alliance members and also pay bail for activists who might have been arrested for political activism.

However, the MDC-Alliance’s coffers are reportedly dry as Hwende with the blessing of Nelson Chamisa converted the money to their own personal use.

Maureen Kademaunga was recently accused of misappropriating over US$16 000 that was mobilised by the diaspora for the welfare of the MDC-Alliance trio (Joanna Mamombe, Nestai Marova and Cecilia Chimbiri), who were arrested for faking abduction. Kademaunga threw in the names of high profile officials in the disappearance of the US$16 000.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) is also in hot soup with some donors for misappropriating funds. The American Centre for International Labour Solidarity (ACILS) is accusing the labour body of misappropriating funds and they have since ceased to fund the union.

Over the years, donors have been giving money to various individuals and organisations to support regime change activities in Zimbabwe. However, the funds were misappropriated by these individuals who converted the funds to their own use.

The embezzlement of donor funds has seen some of the organisations facing donor fatigue after benefactors withdrew funding citing misappropriation of their funds.