There is no crisis in Zimbabwe – Gutu

by Christopher Makaza

Contrary to some misconceptions being peddled by some detractors of Zimbabwe, former MDC-T official Obert Gutu has reiterated that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe.

Posting on his Twitter handle Gutu said, “Crisis? What Crisis? Armed robberies, gruesome murders on daily bases, urban squalors, alarming disparities between the rich and the poor, land is still in the hands of the white minority, these are the real indicators of a crisis.”

Gutu noted that South Africa has got a lot of challenges on their hands. “In all fairness, that country is a ticking time bomb. The levels of inequalities are absolutely shocking in the so-called rainbow nation,” said Gutu.

South African media houses like the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and the eNCA misled viewers on the situation obtaining in Zimbabwe by using file video clips and photos to back their biased reportage, which even contravene their country’s broadcasting laws.

Political analysts and civic organisations have accused the South African media of playing to the whims of some elements in that country who are working with the G40 members who are in self-imposed exile in that country.

Gutu, a former Spokesperson for the MDC-T under the late Morgan Tsvangirai, has been attacked and labelled a ZANU PF project by the MDC-Alliance because of his objective talk and support for President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s policies.

Gutu insists that despite all the socio-economic challenges currently affecting the country, its still much safer for one to stay in Harare than in Johannesburg, South Africa due to the crime rate prevailing in that country.

Same highlighted that there is no country under the sun that is not facing political or economic challenges of one form or another, hence Zimbabwe’s challenges are normal and will soon pass.

Opposition MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has unsuccessfully called upon the international community to intervene in what he calls the political and economic crisis in the country alleging the deteriorating political, economic and social environment presents a major security threat to the Southern African region.

The Government has, however, made it clear that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe as being peddled by the opposition and that challenges currently facing the nation are normal and temporary.