Plot to unseat Chamisa deepens

by Political Reporter

The youthful leader of the embattled MDC-Alliance, Nelson Chamisa is under siege from his lieutenants who now view him as a political liability to that party.

A reliable insider confirmed that there were some manoeuvres to depose Chamisa and the schemes were being orchestrated by the MDC leader’s inner circle.

“There is now total loss of confidence in the young man. Most of the top leaders including those that you guys in the media think are his top allies, are now convinced there is an urgent need for leadership renewal. Of course the young man, with the help of a few who are still in his discipleship, have been resisting and stifling debate on the matter.

“The issue has been raised several times in the National Standing Committee meetings but, Chalton Hwende, one of the few who still cling on to Chamisa, always muzzled the discussion. As a result, there are now clandestine meetings going on where plots to dethrone Chamisa are being framed,” revealed the insider.

He said the plotters include Tendai Biti, Job Sikhala, Happymore Chidziva, Gladys Hlatswayo, Tabhita Khumalo, Jacob Mafume, Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda, David Chimhini and unexpectedly Murisi Zwizwai , among others.

“The plotters have come up with two options in their operation code-named ‘Operation Gripe Water.’ The first option, referred to as Plan A in the operation, is to set up Chamisa for arrest so that he won’t be able to contest in the forthcoming presidential race.

“You might have noticed the unprecedented pressure that was being exerted on him to announce dates for mass demonstrations. That was a trap. However, Chamisa got wind of the plot and that is why he was equivocal in calling for demonstrations. Remember, he did not even come out in the open supporting the botched 31 July demos. In one NSC meeting, he even castigated Job Sikhala for being “a spokesperson for the #July31 protest without the blessing of the party,” said the source.

He explained that the code-name of the operation was mockery to Chamisa whom they say was still a political infant who still needs gripe water.

He revealed that although the party had mobilised funds dedicated for legal defence of incarcerated party members, Chamisa did not want to release that money for Sikhala’s bail. That explained why Sikhala slept in the cells one more night after he was granted bail, he said.

The insider said the plotters were currently seized with fine-tuning Plan B of the operation, which he said involved sabotaging the beleaguered leader in the forthcoming presidential race.

“They want to imitate ZANU’s bhora musango strategy. His loss in the 2023 elections will spell doom to his presidential hopes. The plotters will use his dismal electoral performance as justification for leadership renewal in that party’s 2024 congress. So what the plotters are seized with is a thumping defeat for Chamisa,” he said.

The power struggle within the MDC-Alliance is threatening to split the party once again. Currently, there is a tussle over name change. Insiders say chances are high that Biti will have his way in the name MDC Chija/Guqula, while Chamisa will emerge a loser in rebranding the party to Alliance for Democratic Change (ADC).