Victoria Falls Councillors humiliated

by Municipal Reporter.

In what was supposed to be a councillors’ feedback meeting recently, Victoria Falls residents seized the opportunity to “feed” the councillors with their failures since they took office and vowed not to vote for the MDC again in 2023.

The meeting, which was held at Chamabondo Primary School in Victoria Falls, was attended by councilors who included Edmore Zhou, Councilor for Victoria Falls Municipality (VFM) Ward 11; residents; business community and others.

Contributing during the meeting a resident who identified herself as Lydia Ngwenya said MDC councilors were a “bunch of perennial failures”.

“MDC councillors do not deserve another term in office, we need change in this town, we cannot continue with these monsters masquerading as councilors. We need service delivery in this town.

“Imagine since the establishment of Mkhosana suburb many years ago, there is no council secondary school in the suburb. Education levy is being paid every month, where is the money going?

“The councillors are prioritizing commercial stands ahead of social amenities such as schools and clinics. Mkhosana suburb has been congested with shopping centers instead of schools and clinics, this is wrong. Yes, we need shopping centers but then they should not be their priority,”Ngwenya said.

“We want the council clinic in Mkosana to fully function to decongest the one in Chinotimba, we have since requested this but nothing is being done. It’s a shame.”

Another resident Laston Mwembe said service provision was poor in the town.

“We have areas such as Garikai/ Hlalani Khule in Mkosana and others which only have water late  in the evening or early morning. We as residents, we recommended way back that a water reservoir be constructed and Moringa Shopping center to service Mkhosana. To date this has not been done, but top of the range vehicles are bought now and again. This is not good,” he said.

Ngwenya said the councillors have failed in mantaining roads and street lights over the years.

“Come 2023, we will not vote for the MDC councillors again. This is final,” said Sibo Mafu.

The municipality, which relies largely on ratepayers for revenue, crafted a $354 million budget for 2020 up from $22 million last year.