MDC councillor arrested

by Staff reporter

MDC Alliance councillor for Macheke Ward 29, Kurai Garnet Hoyi has been arrested and is facing charges of resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.

Hoyi, who was visibly drunk, parked his car at an undesignated area along Simon Vengai Muzenda Avenue. When he was instructed by the patrolling police officers to remove his vehicle, Hoyi began to assault the officers, shouting all sorts of invectives.

He wrestled with the police who struggled to apprehend him. Hoyi was eventually subdued not before making a drama which attracted a crowd. He is facing charges of resisting lawful arrest and assaulting law enforcement agents.

Hoyi is of violent disposition. He is a former National University of Science and Technology Students Representative Council president. He was expelled for organising illegal demonstrations at the institution.

He got a scholarship to study at a university in Norway where he was also expelled. He returned to Zimbabwe where he joined the MDC Alliance structures in Mashonaland East province.

Hoyi is among the hordes of MDC Alliance hoodlums that are used to unleash violence on political opponents. The MDC Alliance itself is synonymous with violence although it always label ZANU PF as such.