Hwende destroying MDC A from within-MDC A members

By Political Reporter

Insiders within the MDC Alliance party has accused that party’s Secretary General Charlton Hwende of destroy the opposition outfit from within by frustrating senior members of the party, so that they can resign.

A member of the National Standing Committee (NSC) who preferred anonymity said Hwende has become a threat to the survival of the MDC Alliance, as he has no respect for other members opinions regarding the political trajectory the MDC Alliance.

“Hwende has become a threat to the survival of the party. He continue to make unilateral decision without consulting other members of the NSC. He is using his proximity to the president (Chamisa) to frustrate other senior members because he knows that he has the backing of the president (Chamisa),”lamented the source.

Another NSC member said he believes that whatever Hwende is doing has the blessing of Chamisa because if not, Hwende should have been reprimanded a long time ago.

“I now believe that Hwende is just a political pawn being used by Chamisa. If Hwende was doing things without the blessings of Chamisa, he should have been reprimanded by now. These guys (Chamisa and Hwende) are bringing their personal friendship to the party and they want to run the MDC Alliance as their private entity,” said the disgruntled member.

Another MDC insider said what the former MDC Alliance Deputy Treasurer Lilian Timveous said about Hwende is true because Hwende is a known political bully.

“What Timveous said about Hwende is true. Hwende is a political bully who bullies other people during meetings. People like Dr Ruth Labode, Douglas Mwonzora and Tabitha Khumalo are all victims of Hwende’s bullying tactics. If Hwende is not reigned in, I foresee more senior members resigning from the MDC Alliance,” said the insider.

The same insider added that the manner in which the MDC Alliance is being run is very disgraceful and come next elections there will be no MDC Alliance to talk of.

Recently, Timveous who defected from MDC Alliance to the ruling ZANU PF party accused Hwende of leading a crusade of launching personal attacks on senior party members who differ with Chamisa.

Timveous said the MDC Alliance is now a tired political party that has nothing new to offer to the people of Zimbabwe.