US Dollar Covid Allowance for Civil Servants

Staff Reporter

Civil Servants have welcomed the US$75 Covid19 Allowance, saying it will go a long way in cushioning them against the runaway black market.

Speaking to this publication one Precious Simbaneuta a Civil Servant with school going children expressed gratitude at the Government for the Covid19 allowance.

“I know the Covid19 allowance is not a new thing, Government has been paying us Covid19 allowances in RTGS, what has changed is that Government has decided to make the payment in hard currency, US dollar.

“I am particularly grateful to the Government for the US dollar component as it saves me from approaching the parallel market in search of the precious green-buck.  Back to school preparations are underway and most items are priced in US dollars or exorbitantly rated on the parallel market rate in ZW$.  This allowance comes in handy for me,” said Precious.

Public Service, Labour and Social welfare Minister Professor Mavima confirmed the continued payment of the Covid19 allowance, while explaining the current arrangement.

“It is monthly.  We were paying it all along but it was converted at auction rate.  Now it is going to be paid monthly in US dollars,” said Minister Mavima.

Speaking through an internal Memo, Acting Secretary for Public Service Commission, W. Mupanadawana, advised Treasury to pay Covid19 allowances in hard currency.

“Please be advised that the payment should benefit from the banking arrangements used for processing the 2021 Bonus payments, you are requested to effect the above changes effective 1 January 2022, said Mupanadawana.

Civil servants are set to receive US$75, while pensioners will get US$30 monthly.