CCC candidates bemoan lack of financial support

Political Reporter

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) by-elections candidates are lamenting over the measly financial support they are receiving from their party for their campaigns.

A source who spoke to this publication said the CCC candidates were complaining that they are playing second fiddle to their ZANU PF counterparts as far as sound political campaigns are concerned.

According to the source, the CCC candidates are resorting to utilising their little earnings to finance their campaigns at a time their leaders were living large.

“The CCC candidates are disgruntled over little financial support they are receiving from the party for their campaigns. They are failing to conduct meaningful campaigns as some of them have no vehicles or funds to sponsor their travel around the constituency. The CCC candidates are complaining that their counterparts in ZANU PF are being assisted to campaign by their party, while the CCC candidates are being left to finance their campaigns alone,” said the source.

The source added that what surprised the candidates was that there were some on-going diaspora twinning programs that were generating funds for that party.

According to the source, the candidates were also bitter with Kuda Musasiwa, Fadzayi Mahere’s 2018 campaign manager, for using the CCC name to enrich himself and the few CCC leaders at the expense of that party.

The source revealed that last week Musasiwa initiated a fundraising campaign under code name #Operation Golden Shield: Defend the 26 March by election vote. The campaign which has since raised approximately USD 200 000, was meant to financially support the by-elections candidates. However, the money has allegedly been diverted to the pockets of the few CCC leaders.

“The money was supposed to benefit the candidates. However, we have learnt that the money will be used to stop ZANU PF and ZEC from rigging the 26 March by-elections. They are now saying that part of the money will be used to deploy and pay agents. How can they prioritise agents while doing nothing to finance the campaigns”, queried the source.

The same source said there was great suspicion within the CCC that funds meant for campaigns were being abused by Nelson Chamisa, Musasiwa, David Chimhini, Jacob Mafume, deputy spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba and deputy national secretary for elections, Ellen Shiriyedenga.

Efforts to get a comment from CCC interim spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere were futile as her mobile phones were not reachable.