Forensic audit on HCC assets

Staff Reporter

….as City`s officials fingered in corrupt activities

There have been calls for a forensic audit on Harare City Council (HCC) asset base following revelations by one of the auditing companies in the country that council officials are taking advantage of the city`s unknown assets to engage in corrupt activities.

A contact within the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works revealed that the HCC officials who are responsible for the city`s operations are the ones to behind the fraudulent activities.

“There was a forensic audit that was done by an audit company Pricewaterhouse Coopers in 2016 and the results proved that HCC has enough buildings that can finance its operations if they are leased and properly managed.

“Some of the buildings are being sublet in United States Dollars by these corrupt council officials who pay their rentals in local currency to the City Council. This means that the officials are profiteering at the expense of HCC. These HCC Officials are members of the opposition and one can conclude that the funds are being used to fund the opposition activities which are meant to destabilize the country`s economy,” revealed the contact.

The contact revealed Gulf Complex and the premises leased to Chibuku Breweries Plant as some of the buildings that are used as milk cows by the corrupt officials. He further mentioned City Park as one of the companies that are being mismanaged and benefitting individuals within the council.

The contact went on to lambast HCC officials for poor service delivery, highlighting that the council should not be facing challenges considering the city`s asset base.

Prosper Chitonho, a political analyst lambasted the HCC officials for poor service delivery and said that there was need for a proper audit track to establish the current asset register for the city. He further said that without a proper audit trail, the HCC Officials would continue to use the proceeds from the city`s assets to fund opposition party’s activities.