Chamisa bars members from featuring on state media

Political Reporter

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa has reportedly barred that party’s members from giving interviews to journalists from the state media.

A source within the CCC confided in this publication that ZBCTV and other national radio stations invited CCC by-elections candidates for interviews. However, Chamisa declined to clear the members to feature on the interviews arguing that it would dilute their narrative that the state media was biased towards the ruling party.

“ZBC invited CCC by-elections candidates for interviews. However, Chamisa told the candidates that they should not feature on any ZBC programme. Chamisa said that the party should maintain the narrative that the state media in Zimbabwe was biased towards the ruling party. He told the members that if they desperately want media coverage, they should liaise with the independent media,” said the source.

The source added that Chamisa had little faith in his lieutenants and fears that they might fail to articulate the CCC message and policies during interviews and this might embarrass that party.

According to the source, Chamisa told the CCC candidates that they should learn from what previously happened to Charlton Hwende who once insisted on featuring on ZBCTV interviews and ended up being embarrassed.

Last week at a press conference, Chamisa declared war on public media and said that state media journalists will not have access to that party’s events.

“Those who are associated with ZANU PF may not be able to have access to our rallies. Our laxity, our magnanimity, and generosity are being abused. We will limit access to our venues to those journalists who are working for ZANU PF and we know you. We will not allow you,” said Chamisa.

Ironically, last week CCC interim deputy president, Lynnette Karenyi Kore while addressing a rally in Manicaland, complained that ZBC was not giving them coverage in equal measure to the one being given to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and ZANU PF. Kore, in sharp contrast to Chamisa, begged the state media to provide coverage to CCC events.

Meanwhile, the CCC further barred state media journalists from covering its rally in Masvingo last weekend, a move that has since been described by analysts as an attack on media freedom.