CCC activist arrested for shooting at rivals

Staff Reporter

A Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist was arrested last week in Mazowe for breaching the Firearms Act after he attempted to shoot ZANU PF youths.

 The contact revealed that a CCC activist, Andrew Mukume confronted Zanu PF youths members unprovoked and threatened to shoot them. The contact said that the ZANU PF youths were coming from a Provincial Youth League campaign rally at Chigwida Secondary School in Mazowe on Saturday.

“I am disheartened by the way CCC activists and members continue to assault members of the ruling party ahead of the 26 March By-Elections. Last week a CCC activist known as Andrew Mukume, attacked some ZANU PF youths who were driving from a Youth League rally that took place at Chigwida Secondary School. Mukume blocked the ZANU PF`s car with his Toyota Raum vehicle. When he was asked to remove his car by ZANU PF youths, Mukume pulled out his loaded pistol and tried to pull the trigger. Unfortunately his pistol jammed. This is how the ZANU PF youths survived,” revealed the contact.

The contact further revealed that the ZANU PF youths managed to disarm Mukume and then handed over the pistol to Chombira Police Station leading to his arrest.

Political analysts have urged the responsible authorities to deal with violence perpetrators accordingly especially those who contravene the Firearms Act adding that the use of firearms by individuals must not be tolerated as this may cause mayhem in the country.