I will remain ZANU PF says Robert Jnr

Innocent Mujeri

Former President Robert Mugabe’s son, Robert Junior, has vowed to continue supporting ZANU PF as it was the only party he has known since birth.

Speaking to this publication during the side-lines of the ZANU PF Star rally held in St Mary’s, Chitungwiza today, Mugabe said he was happy to be accommodated in the Party and vowed to remain supporting ZANU PF. The former President’s son attended the rally neatly dressed in ZANU PF regalia.

“I am happy that the Party has accommodated me. Since I was born all I knew was ZANU PF. I am a ZANU PF child and I will remain ZANU PF. It’s only right that I continue to remain ZANU,” said Mugabe.

Mugabe later took to the podium and chanted the ZANU PF slogan to the delight of the members in attendance. Mugabe ended his slogan by imitating President Mnangagwa’s famous ‘pasi nemhandu’ chant.

At the same rally, Mugabe was also seen chatting and laughing with President Mnangagwa’s son, Emmerson Junior.

Meanwhile, political analyst Terrence Chipwanya said Mugabe’s attendance of ZANU PF’s rally has left the likes of G40 kingpins Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo and Walter Mzembi with an egg on the face.

“The G40 wanted to use the Mugabe name for their selfish political agendas. The fact that Robert Junior, the one who has the name of the former President, has attended the rally shows that the former First Family knows that ZANU PF is the only party that can cater for their interests and that of millions of Zimbabweans.” said Chipwanya.

Chipwanya added that Robert Junior might have attended the rally with the full blessings of his mother and said it might not be surprising seeing the former First Lady Grace Mugabe attending future ZANU PF rallies.

The ZANU PF rally was oversubscribed with some members following proceedings from tree tops in order for them to have a better view of the President.