Makandiwa is anointed by God: Sikhala

Staff Reporter

Controversial member of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)’s Interim Executive Committee, Job Sikhala has declared that United Family International Church (UFIC) founder, Emmanuel Makandiwa is the anointed man of God who speaks the true word of God.

This follows a barrage of attacks and insults on the Man of God over his Easter sermon, in which he pointed out what Government has done and continues to do on improving the country's infrastructure particularly the roads.

“Even if you desist from campaigning, the works will speak for you. I cannot look at such a good road and be quiet. Looking at the work that you have been doing, I can spend the whole day. The rehabilitation and modernisation of roads embarked by President Mnangagwa and his Government is already saving lives. We could all be dead if it was not for the intervention on the Corona virus, the measures you put in place saved our lives,” said Prophet Makandiwa.  

At the end of the Easter service, one member of the parish spoke to Sikhala about what he thought about the service.

“It was a powerful service, he truly is a Man of God, his words are of God, I really enjoyed the service.  There is not one word he said from the pulpit that was not profound,” Sikhala said.

Soon after leaving service, Sikhala took to twitter to pour his heart out and confirm that Makandiwa is truly the Man of God who is anointed to prophesy the truth about the past, present and future and to cleanse demons.

Meanwhile, Nelson Chamisa has programmed his CCC followers to attack and demonise everything positive that is mentioned about Zanu Pf and the Government.