Chamisa’s ally predicts CCC loss in 2023 polls

Innocent Mujeri

Prominent Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist, Freeman Chari has predicted a humiliating defeat for that party in the coming harmonised elections slated for next year.

Writing on his Twitter handle yesterday, Chari said that the CCC was a disorganised political party with no capacity to dislodge the ruling ZANU PF.

“CCC will not win elections with an organising department that still walks around with an exercise book. CCC will not win with a finance department that has no clue on how to fundraise. CCC will not win elections with just volunteers,” said Chari.

Chari further blamed CCC for a dearth of members with skills to take the CCC brand further.

“I am not saying this to discourage anyone but to help people understand that beyond rhetoric of ‘Citizens Driven,’ there is need for institution building with people that have skills and are accountable and firable. We lack institutional memory. New people come and do old things that failed,” added Chari.

Chari further warned the CCC that dislodging ZANU PF was not a child’s play and he accused that party of failing to effectively mobilise while banking on miracles to win the next plebiscite.

“I am not here to motivate nor give hope to anyone. I am not Jesus. I have been around for a long time to know what needs to happen. Removing ZANU PF is not child’s play. From my perspective, a party that is carrying the hope of 15 million people should be seeing these things. We should not paint a rosy picture and give people false hope when deep down we are banking on miracles,” said Chari.

Chari’s sentiments came at a time the CCC was failing to penetrate rural areas. The CCC has instituted a rural mobilisation exercise nicknamed Mugwazo, which has failed to gain traction as factionalism within that party is hampering the exercise.