President warns currency manipulators

Innocent Mujeri

President Mnangagwa has warned that the net was slowly closing in on all currency manipulators who were causing turbulences within the economy.

Addressing a rally at Epworth High School to celebrate Zalerah Makari’s by election victory yesterday, the President said that the Government was working on modalities to bring stability within the economy and added that there were some economic saboteurs who were manipulating the local currency to cause regime change in the country.

“We have a challenge within our economy, especially around prices and exchange rates. We are working out a solution and we are now closing in on companies that are behind all this economic mess,” said the President.

President Mnangagwa added that the economic saboteurs were working hand in glove with the country’s detractors to cause regime change in Zimbabwe.

“These saboteurs are not working alone. They are being sent by hostile foreign countries to weaken and devalue our local currency. We are now devising a method to deal with these economic saboteurs. We are closing some banks and some big companies. Some information pertaining to this will be availed in due course,” said the President.

Speaking at the same rally, the President told the people of Epworth that the Government was seized with the issue of title deeds and he informed that Government was now in the process of developing biometric title deeds that cannot be tempered with.

“I remember that we promised you title deeds. We have completed the geospatial mapping and we are now ready to give the title deeds. However, we were told by our security that some crooks were now printing their own title deeds. To circumvent this, we are now introducing biometric title deeds with security features. These are title deeds which cannot be fraudulently printed by individuals,” said the President.

Meanwhile the victory celebrations in Epworth continue today with 17 beasts being slaughtered for the people. Several artists including Freddy “Kapfupi”Manjalima, Lucky Kumene and Mark Ngwazi entertained the crowd yesterday.