ZIMSTAT gives census update

Staff Reporter

The Director General of ZIMSTAT Taguma Mahonde has said that census began on the night of 20 April where people were counted from 203 evening buses across the country.

Giving a ZIMSTAT Census update today, Mahonde said, “People should note that we deployed census enumerators on the night of the 20th of April. Our enumerators counted people from 203 buses across the nation. They also visited hotels, church gatherings, hospitals, police stations and other collective institutions.”

Mahonde revealed that ZIMSTAT deployed a 50 000 member taskforce which consisted of 42 000 enumerators and 7 000 supervisors.

He further mentioned that the ZIMSTAT taskforce started visiting households on the 21st of April.

Mahonde cited rain as one of the major challenges faced by the enumerators. He also said that some remote areas were also facing network challenges.

However, Mahonde said that as ZIMSTAT, it has since resolved the matter of poor connectivity in remote areas by taking enumerators to update their data from places where there is connectivity.

Mahonde expressed gratitude to the nation for cooperating during the enumeration period and requested those that are still to be enumerated to cooperate.

He requested citizens who were in Zimbabwe on the 20th of April to get in touch with ZIMSTAT if they feel that they were not counted, while a follow up will be conducted to count the citizens who were at work during the counting period.

Furthermore, the ZIMSTAT Director General, Mahonde recited a toll free number (08080580) which citizens should use to get assistance if they have any queries.