Mavhaire threatens to quit CCC

Innocent Mujeri

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) interim National Executive Committee (NEC) member, Dzikamai Mavhaire, has threatened to quit that party accusing Chamisa of running the party as a one man band.

A source who spoke to this publication said that Mavhaire was incensed by Chamisa’s failure to take advice from senior party members and has threatened to relinquish his position as a NEC member.

According to the source, for some time now, Mavhaire was one of Chamisa’s trusted lieutenants, who would be consulted by Chamisa on any serious party issues. The source said that Chamisa had roped in Mavhaire as his trusted advisor as he wanted to infuse the nationalistic ideology into the CCC.

The source said that during the eve of the 42nd Independence Day celebrations, Chamisa consulted Mavhaire whether he should grace the occasion. Mavhaire reportedly told Chamisa that he was supposed to attend the event and desist from the habit of boycotting national events.

“Chamisa was told by Mavhaire that he should desist from the habit of boycotting national events. Mavhaire reasoned that Chamisa was to attend the Independence Day celebrations as they were being held in Bulawayo, a CCC stronghold. To Mavhaire, Chamisa was supposed to capitalise on the event to grow his political capital in Bulawayo,” said the source.

The same source added that what irked Mavhaire most was that Chamisa disregarded his advice and opted to go with the advice of the US Embassy in Harare who told him not to attend.

“Mavhaire is cross with Chamisa. He is angry that Chamisa was still embroiled in student politics and that he has become big headed to the extent of shunning advice from his party members. To Mavhaire, Chamisa’s continued argument that gracing the national events would legitimise President Mnangagwa’s presidency was now a tired rhetoric not worth mentioning by someone with the hope of grabbing state power.  Mavhaire argues that Chamisa will not succeed as an opposition party leader if he disregards advice from his people opting to listen to the US Embassy,” said the source.

The source further said that it was not only Mavhaire who was now tired of Chamisa but the likes of Tendai Biti and Charlton Hwende were increasingly tired of Chamisa’s unilateral decisions.

Mavhaire joins a growing number of CCC members who are increasing agitated by Chamisa’s failure to take advice and continues to run that party as a personal project.