Transparent International Zimbabwe mobilises for CCC

Innocent Mujeri

Transparent International Zimbabwe (TIZ), a Non-Governmental Organisation, is being accused of meddling in the internal politics of the country by being a foot soldier of the opposition, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

A source who spoke to this publication said that TIZ had abandoned its regulated mandate and is now actively involved in the CCC political activities.

According to the source, TIZ recently received a substantial funding from Ford Foundation. The money which came through Transparent International Australia was allegedly meant for a baseline survey in and around mining communities in Zimbabwe.

The source revealed that it was a disguise by TIZ to claim that the money was meant for a baseline survey when it was actually meant to assist CCC in its mobilisation drive in the mining communities.

“TIZ recently received a substantial amount from Ford Foundation. To the general people, the funds are for baseline survey in the country’s mining communities. However, the truth is that TIZ wants to use the funds to mobilise on behalf of CCC in those mining areas. TIZ has become a willing foot soldier for CCC,” said the source.

The source added that TIZ had plans to visit mining areas such as Shurugwi, Mberengwa and Mutasa, among other places where they want to portray the investments as mere looting machinery. TIZ intends to whip up people’s emotions against Government and investors in those communities. The source added that TIZ wants to push a narrative that people settled in the mining communities were being short-changed by the Government as they were not benefiting much from the resources in their areas.

According to the source, TIZ will mainly target to incite people residing at mines owned by investors suspected to have links with ZANU PF. The idea is for those people to eventually turn their back against the ruling party and join the CCC.

The source added that it was ironic that the alleged baseline survey to be conducted by TIZ was coinciding with CCC rural mobilisation exercise.

Meanwhile, the CCC programme of penetrating the ZANU PF’s strongholds was failing to gain traction. Last week CCC co vice president, Lynnette Karenyi Kore and CCC interim secretary general Charlton Hwende addressed a paltry crowd in Mt Darwin, Ward 40, after people in that area shunned the CCC meeting.