Plot to overthrow the Eswatini Govt exposed

Staff Reporter

A sinister plot to overthrow the Eswatini Government has been exposed with America being implicated in the plot.

A leaked secret document gleaned by this publication revealed that there were clandestine meetings that were held between Eswatini’s Eswatini Democratic Forces (ESD), Center for Applied Non-violent Actions and Strategies (CANVAS), Amnesty International, International Federation for Human Rights and The Arab Spring Leaders with the agenda of planning to dethrone the Eswatini Government.

According to the leaked document, the meetings that were held between 11 and 13 April 2022, planned to cause an uprising code named ‘June Uprising’ to cause the collapse of the Eswatini Government. The key plotter was identified as Zweli Dhlamini, leader of ESD, working in cahoots with CANVAS and other forces.

It is understood that the planned coup was supposed to take the shape of previous uprisings that manifested in countries such as Sudan, Burkina Faso, Egypt and Tunisia. It was revealed that the master minders of the famous Arab Spring uprisings were engaged to give technical advice on how the coup should roll out.

During the meetings to plan for the coup, CANVAS proposed to weaken the Eswatini’s security system and make the protests uncontainable. CANVAS suggested that the planned protests should be spontaneous in every city, to send a signal to the Eswatini Government.

This publication further noted that Dhlamini was the one who opted for a violent approach to dethrone the Eswatini Government arguing that violence was the only language that can be heard by that Government.

 “We have been working over the years, majoring on nonviolent actions, but we shifted our approach after Mr Dhlamini made us to understand the complexity of the struggle in his country and how the people of his country are being terrorised by the King and his administration.

“The first thing is to devise a plan to stretch them so that they will not be able to contain the action, this means the protestors will be divided into groups which are equal to the towns, townships and growth points around the country,” reads the coup document.

It was also disclosed that international media organisations have already been engaged to cover these protests which are set to start on the 21st of June 2022. These organisations will be used to authenticate the events to the international community.

Plans to engage USA and the European Union to impose sanctions on the government were also discussed in that meeting.

A political analyst, Terrence Chipwanya, who spoke to this publication, said that this was the modus operandi for CANVAS to go in bed with opposition parties so as to dethrone constitutionally elected government.

“CANVAS is an agent for regime change. I am not surprised by their plot to unseat the Eswatini Government as they once tried it in Zimbabwe. In 2019, seven activists from the opposition parties in Zimbabwe were arrested facing charges of treason after they attended a training organised by the CANVAS in the Maldives. It is now the same CANVAS that is now sponsoring regime change in Eswatini,” said Chipwanya.

The analyst further warned that the people of Zimbabwe should be alert as the West might want to use the same strategy in Zimbabwe using the opposition members as foot soldiers.