Daggers out for Chamisa

Political Reporter

Daggers have been drawn against Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa following his recent utterances at the late Dr Alex Magaisa’s funeral where he praised Government’s educational policies.

A source within CCC said that some members within that party were irked by Chamisa’s shift of political stance and they were now questioning his leadership style as far as the CCC political project was concerned.

According to the source, a section of CCC members were now pushing for an extra ordinary congress to be held in order to elect new leadership as they now doubt Chamisa’s political acumen ahead of the watershed 2023 plebiscite.

“What Chamisa said at Alex’s funeral was shocking especially coming from an opposition leader. Party members were shocked hearing Chamisa showering praises on the ZANU PF Government. How can he now tell his followers that ZANU PF is bad when he is busy praising the same system? Members are now whispering that Chamisa should be dethroned as the CCC leader as he is a political turn coat who can betray the struggle,” said the source.

The same source added that Chamisa was proving to be a liability to that party as his political blunders were too many.

“His political blunders are increasing by each passing day. Do you still remember when he pledged his sister at a rally? Do you remember when he said that if he wins power, he will facilitate the return of whites into their previous farms? Such blunders are costing the CCC some supporters. CCC doesn’t need a reckless leader who utters inflammatory statements at a rally. That’s why some CCC members are now saying he should pave way for a more mature leader,” added the source.

According to the source, there is a growing consensus within CCC that either Tendai Biti or Job Sikhala should take over as CCC president as they were more militant and mature.

Efforts to get a comment from CCC spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere were futile as her mobile phones were not reachable.