Govt comes up with measures to save electricity

Staff Reporter

The Government has come up with measures to save electricity following an increase in the demand of same.

Speaking during the 19th Post-Cabinet Briefing yesterday, Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Monica Mutsvangwa said that the users of electricity who consume more electricity were already being charged higher rates.

“The stepped application of the electricity tariff whereby users who consume above a certain threshold are charged at a higher rate is already in application in order to deter inefficient use of national grid electricity,” said Minister Mutsvangwa.

Minister Mutsvangwa added that Government`s Renewable Energy Policy was encouraging the use of solar and renewable energy sources.

“The Renewable Energy Policy also stipulates the enhanced use of solar and renewable energy sources by consumers. For instance, new housing units being constructed are required to install solar geysers. The net-metering system is also being implemented. Domestic consumers with solar panels on their rooftops which are connected to the national grid, can sell any excess power that they generate to the national grid,” said the Minister.

Minister Mutsvangwa stated that the whole production, supply, distribution and retailing framework of electrical power were being reviewed to take into account these positive developments in the country.

Zimbabwe put forward a National Renewable Energy Policy in 2019.The policy aims to have 16.5 percent of the total generation capacity (excluding large hydro) from renewable sources by 2025.